Dr. Angela On Addiction Series #441: Positive and Negative Addictions


Dr. Angela introduces this whole matter of addiction, saying this is bigger than we think. Dr. Angela says we have to be aware of how we naturally develop both positive and less than positive even dangerous and damaging addictions. See more about Dr. Angela at DrAngela.com and contact Dr. Angela at DrAngela@DrAngela.com.

Dr. Angela Save Your Life Series #112: It Is Never Too Late, Part 2: About Hope

Dr. Angela talks about HOPE, what it is, why it helps, how it works, how in the moment HOPE HELPS, discussing a passage from one of her books, talking about how it is never too late to take the next step, to rethink, to re-form the way you see yourself, your situation, your life. For more on piecing your life and your self back together, or pulling your life and your self more together, or even feeling things are a little together for the first time, see Dr. Angela at www.DrAngela.com, contact DrAngela@DrAngela.com, and see the Dr. Angela book on Amazon, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE: FINDING HOPE AND LIGHT IN THE DARK.