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April 30, 2020  

Welcome to Dr. Angela® Podcasts

April 30, 2020
Welcome to Dr. Angela ® Podcasts:
Cutting edge, inspiring yet comforting, informative and life healing, Dr. Angela ® Podcasts discuss the human mind and body, physical and mental health, and the self, and how to get to know your mind and yourSELF, as well as your physical body, for an ever more fulfilling and healthy life as your SELF. Dr. Angela is a health and wellness consultant, psychotherapist, workshop presenter, and author. See DrAngela.com
The Dr Angela ® Programs, Psychotherapy, Services, Seminars, Publications, and Podcasts Series are a collection of podcasts, talks, publications, programs, and services that help understand, improve, change, and heal people's lives. 
See the related books by Dr. Angela on Amazon.com. See also www.DrAngela.com to reach Dr. Angela.
Each of these truly fascinating, inspiring, sometimes soothing sometimes exciting, podcasts brings insights into life, keys to well-being, tips on health and wellness, and delves into the ups and downs, minor and major changes, issues, even challenges life brings us....
Here is a moment for you to listen, alone or with others, to the wisdom, expertise, and experience Dr. Angela® shares. 
Dr. Angela® brings her extensive expertise in many fields, as well as her experience working with several thousand clients, students, clinicians, researchers, survivors, and others around the US and in over 20 countries, and the content of her over 50 books, to these Dr. Angela® Podcasts. If you would like to get in on these Dr. Angela® Podcasts for all listeners out there, for the general public audience, contact us for a subscription to start now, or simply find each single podcast listed on this website, for example at
Dr. Angela Health and Wellness Series
Dr. Angela Life Management Series
Dr. Angela On Your Mind Series
Dr. Angela On Addiction Series
Dr. Angela Psychological Issues Series
and for more, stay tuned here at 
And those of you who wish to know more about Dr. Angela® before tuning in, find all kinds of info waiting for you on the Dr. Angela® website DrAngela.com .... or see the bio page of this Dr. Angela® Podcast website. 
Dr. Angela® Clients who are already subscribers to the Dr. Angela® Podcasts will still be receiving their already ongoing and additional closed podcasts as well as those that the public can find here and on the DrAngela.com website. Even if you are not a present time client of Dr. Angela's, you may be able to join the Dr. Angela® Podcast Subscription Group. If interested, email us at DrAngela@DrAngela.com. And of course, also email us if you would like to become a Dr. Angela® Client or participate in informational events, sessions, and programs, or read (or listen to) the books, manuals, and downloads you find at DrAngela.com .......