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October 2, 2016  

Dr. Angela ® Bio

October 2, 2016
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Dr. Angela®, also known as Dr. Angela® Browne-Miller ...
holds two masters and two doctorates: PhD (education emphasis psychology: behavior change and learning), PhD/DSW (social work/social welfare: social policy, social programs, treatment programs, clinical), MPH (public health: behavioral health, health and wellness), MSW (social work: children and families), is author of 100s of digital audio, digital video, digital text, and print case stories, discussions, topic insight reviews, such as the Dr. Angela On Your Mind Series; Dr. Angela Shorts Series; Dr. Angela Podcast Series; Dr. Angela Life Management Series; and other digitial, audio, and video collectionsShe is also author of over 55 books, Ebooks, and audio books including but not limited to: DR. ANGELA ON YOUR MIND; DR. ANGELA LIFE MANAGEMENT MANUAL; and also FOR KNOWING NO HURT NO HARM; TRANSCENDING ADDICTION AND OTHER AFFLICTIONS; REWIRING YOUR SELF TO BREAK ADDICTIONS AND HABITS; TO HAVE AND TO HURT: SEEING, CHANGING OR ESCAPING ABUSE; RAISING THINKING CHILDREN AND TEENS; WILL YOU STILL NEED ME: FINDING FRIENDS, LOVE AND MEANING AS WE AGE. And she is also the Set Editor of the INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION ON ADDICTIONS and the VIOLENCE AND ABUSE IN SOCIETY SET. 
Dr. Angela, Dr. Angela Browne-Miller, has been keynote speaker at conferences around the world on health, wellness, public health, well-being, mental health, and also intelligence and learning, learning technologies, performance, workplace issues, behavior change, aging, parenting, women, men, drug and nondrug addictions, violence, abuse, relationships, the workings of the human brain and consciousness, and more. 
She earned her two doctorates and two masters degrees at the University of California Berkeley where she lectured in three departments for fourteen years. She also taught as Clincal Psychology Adjunct Lecturer at Alliant International University for several years. She served as National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow, and US Department of Public Health Fellow. 
Dr. Angela has worked with hundreds of organizations on a range of policy, program, and clinical issues. She has also worked with several thousand individuals in educational, clinical, and treatment settings, on personal issues such as: health and wellness, health and mental health, behavioral health, lifestyle and well being, self-esteem, stress reduction, adjustment to change, family and relationship issues, parenting, divorce, aging, young adulthood, stage of life issues, and also addictions, violence and abuse, domestic violence, and also a range of learning processes and issues, and education and career issues including college and training application and planning processes, and more.