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September 21, 2016  

Dr. Angela On Addiction Series

September 21, 2016

Dr. Angela On Addiction Series #1: Positive and Negative Addictions. 

Dr. Angela ® introduces this whole matter of addiction, saying this is bigger than we think. Dr. Angela says we have to be aware of how we naturally develop both positive and less than positive even dangerous and damaging addictions. See more about Dr. Angela at www.DrAngela.com and contact Dr. Angela at DrAngela@DrAngela.com.

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Dr. Angela on Addiction Series #442: Meet the Trigger


Addiction has so many faces, can be so many things. Addiction can be to substances, behaviors, relationships, feelings such as emotional patterns, and to so much more. Where ever there is an addiction, there are triggers for that addiction, things that pull us into that same old cycle, bring us to repeat what is too often a problem pattern. Seeing how to deal with your addiction involves many processes, many steps, one being seeing and working with the triggers that affect you. Hear and read Dr. Angela's detailed steps to working with your triggers and addictions, see DrAngela.com for the programs, books, and to subscribe to the Dr. Angela Podcast Series on Health and Wellness, Addiction, and Other Aspects of Our Lives.